We live in the most democratic period to be a trader of global markets. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. The barriers to entry are negligible. And whether you see yourself (or already are) trading privately from a beach in the Mediterranean, in the offices of a New York City hedge fund, or anywhere else in the world, you will find value in this all-encompassing Trading Global Markets Internship school.

Here, we're going back to the good ole' days of the immersive apprenticeship model of learning-by-doing. Learn the necessary fundamental, technical and historical knowledge base. Construct from first principles an innovative lens from which to view markets, interpret them, and trade them. And then let it all go, in order to flow as one with the market. Finally, habituate a risk management process alongside a natural discipline to your life to keep you out of harm's way when the flow temporarily ends. This is the goal of the TGM school.

Remember, being able to interpret and trade successfully liquid global markets is a substantial ticket to your own personal freedom, and one that will not go out of vogue soon. Your filter to success will be your mind, and until we discover an AGI capable of an evolving mind, a tool you can use for limitless reward. Make no mistake, it requires hard work, determined commitment, however in time, the personal power afforded to you with this tool is quite clearly substantial.


There is no prerequisite for this school, save for an insatiable quest for knowledge and growth.

I wish you from the center of my heart an amazing life, one whose value you choose to share with the world --- Vassko


Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this school ultimately teaching me a computer algorithm to trade the markets?

We have intentionally designed this process, this system, over the past 7 years so that it is dynamic, so that no computer algorithm* can replicate it. It's all about interpreting and acting in harmony with the fundamental nature of the market. The filter here is strategically designed to be the mind. From this framework, you should be able to develop your own static strategies and go-to moves in the markets, and perpetually continue to adapt and grow as the markets and you evolve.

* This may change with the evolution in quantum computing/artifical general intelligence.

Will you update this school over time?

Yes, this work is in perpetual revision mode. There is a comprehensive amount of DEEP content here, and the goal was to get it all in writing first and foremost. With enough student feedback and outside reviews, the content will be improved to provide a better learning experience. This capability for student interaction and content improvement were primary reasons in support of publishing as an online school vs static book.

How long do I have access to the school?
You have unlimited access to this school for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Further, you will have perpetual access to any further updates, amendments or additions to the school (almost certain to occur).

This course is closed for enrollment.